Friday 6 November 2020

New 30th release from Skaven Records!

"Egocentric Neurosis: Modern Disorder + Superfunsummerfestival (In Eastern Europe)" Split 7"EP

Straight from the post-apocalyptic nightmare, we´re drowned in, comes this split 7” between NUCLEAR POST MORTEM and AMUSIA.

NUCLEAR POST MORTEM side, "Egocentric Neurosis: Modern Disorder", delivers 18 tracks of Brazilian style nuclear blasts of hateful, existential, and distressed NOISECOREGRIND, deeply focused on themes such as anti-authoritarianism, third world realities, and all the neo-liberal lies that poison the world that. Highly recommended for fans of ROT, CACOFONIA, and SORE THROAT.

Flip sides and you´ll find AMUSIA, a Serbian and Hungarian combined effort, blasting around 5 minutes of high-speed noise grind influenced by the old days of raw and dirty hardcore. Amusia's side vomits in the face of all capitalist bullshit summer festivals that sell dumbness in the form of mass entertainment, with the pure hate that defines this slav FASTGRINDHARDCORE!!! Highly recommended for fans of RAPT, U.B.R., and DEATHNOISE.

Price - 5 €

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